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You were clearly pointing to the other side of Route 22 and saying "I wish those guys in University Park would let me play softball with them."

Girl from Impanema

You are clearly pointing to nothing but rather just following instructions to "point over there" by the photographer...like the lemmings off a cliff...


"Hey, You Guys Wanna See a Dead Body?"


New York Post version
"Kerry Picks Troop 171"

pointy stick

Kid in the middle:
"Whoa. These are so cool."

Kid on left:
"Let me look! I wanna see Miss Jenkins' boobs!"

Kid on right:
"Hey look! A woodpecker!"


Wow 2 years and counting.... How the Blog of Bob has evolved!


On The Lookout for new members of their Young Monkees band, the young "Peter Tork" spies someone that would make a great young version of "Mike Nesmith".

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